The Grateful Dead – Boston Garden May 7, 1977

One of my very favorite Grateful Dead shows. I took out the tuning intermissions for better flow.

About web design POP

So Just Why is web design POP So Great?

Because our culture embraces…

  • Just-in-time thinking
  • Multi-tasking team members
  • Constraints. We don’t try to lift them
  • Less software, less code
  • Perpetual improvement and optimization
  • Small team size
  • Simplicity
  • Pared-down interfaces
  • Open-source products
  • Open data formats
  • An open culture that makes it easy to admit mistakes

Less mass lets us change direction quickly. We can react and evolve. We can focus on the good ideas and drop the bad ones. We can listen and respond to our customers. We can integrate new technologies now instead of later. Instead of an aircraft carrier, we captain a cigarette boat. We revel in that fact.

Ghost is a new blogging platform that runs on nodejs. It’s really fun to write code for, and write with, and I’m a big fan. I build themes for Ghost to give away so I can learn all I can about JavaScript, node package modules and nodejs. It allows me to spend a lot of time using the command line as well, which is something every developer should know.

How My Site Looks

Here’s the scenario:

You do a search for WordPress themes, and find some reputable themes shops and theme authors on Envato. You find one that looks AWESOME in the demo, and you can just picture it with your logo, name, content, colors and things that will turn the demo into your own world-class website that looks and functions beautifully.

You sign up, buy it, and excitedly download it and navigate to the documentation and administration panel of WordPress and suddenly realize you’re in over your head. What now?

This is where we get many calls, and are more than happy to not only toss a life preserver, but turn your original vision into a reality.

Whether you have a Genesis theme, Thesis, WooThemes, Elegant Themes, or any other theme, we can set your ship up ready to sail, and can even pilot it (Too much with the boating imagery?)

We have experience with all the major theme shops, as well as many of their proprietary theme plugins, and especially enjoy working with Genesis.

Allow us to show you what can be done with just a plain theme. We make the ordinary spectacular.

How My Site Works

This usually involves one of two categories(or both):


SEO (low searchability)
Optimization (high page load time, high bounce rate)


Security & Maintenance

Did you know that keeping your WordPress installation, theme, and plugins up to date is the best thing to keep your site secure?

When you join up for our monthly WordPress maintenance plan, you’ll sleep peacefully knowing that your site is online, working as it should, backed-up and secure from evil-doers.

The Snooze Peacefully Plan includes:

Update your WordPress installation(if necessary), theme, and plugins (as required)
Scan your site for malware and broken links
Remove spam, spam comments, unneeded post revisions and more
Optimize your database & finely-tune the performance of your site
Backup your full site (database, files, settings…everything.)
Restore your site from backup in case of an emergency
Report each month’s maintenance activity in detail
Around the clock monitoring

Cost: Only $50/month

Automatically invoiced at the beginning of each month for your convenience.

Snooze peacefully

I Just Need a Website

Don’t know what you need? Just know what you want? A common request.

We’ll be happy to work with you to get your online presence up and running, untangled, headed in the right direction, and back on track.

Whether it’s a custom WordPress plugin that you need built to a proprietary web application, we can help. Contact Michael at web design POP today and discuss what it takes to go from zero to hero.

WordPress is the Heart of web design POP

By design, web design POP’s core focus is WordPress. With over 20% of all websites running on WordPress, it’s easy to see that while WordPress isn’t the perfect solution to every scenario, it’s a hugely versatile platform.

WordPress isn’t just a blogging platform anymore–Oh, no. It’s a full-fledged content management system that can be used to build nearly any type of website and even web applications.

WordPress is a community. Being a mature and wildly successful open source piece of software, it attracts the best minds in the business and is constantly being improved upon and extended. WordPress has taken on a life of its own as a foundation and Meetups, WordCamps, roundtables, IRC chats and Google Hangouts are used to discuss and teach people about WordPress.

WordPress is scalable. Whether you’re a sole proprietor just starting out or a Fortune 500 company like General Motors, WordPress can cover your needs. The biggest sites in the world rely on VIP for enterprise WordPress support, training, and hosting and remember: every large company was once a small business.

Who Uses WordPress

I Think I Need Professional Help. I’m Being my Own Worst Client.

Seems like I remember just posting that I wasn’t going to change this website for a long time.

Apparently, a few weeks is a long time to me.

I really have some issues with the current theme for this website. In particular, I don’t feel well about perpetuating parallax effects and other trendy gimmicks. I have a feeling that before it’s all said and done, the entire galaxy is going to be just a little sick of the flat Metro-inspired trend. I’m still scratching my noodle as to how MS set a trend in design. Good for them. I wish they’d devote such innovation to helping their users keep IE updated better.

But the purpose of this website is to inform you of what I can do for you and how to contact me to do it. As far as a single-page design goes, this design is very busy, distracting, and overall annoying. Personally, I’m over sliders, even though I have some good ones. (Royal Slider on Code Canyon is pretty good, I think) But I may use one in my new design. They are good at presenting images and even text and buttons, though; there’s no denying that. But the UX is overwhelming. The full-screen slider makes me dizzy. And too much of my material is up. Does anyone really care that I can make gradients in AI? No.

I’m NOT a professional illustrator or photographer, so there’s no need to waste user’s valuable time looking at my junk. If you want to see that, just look around some of my social sites, like Instagram, facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, etc…and you’ll get more than you bargained for. I do like to take photos and video a lot and work with Adobe Illustrator a ton, though. I’m even the founder and moderator of a popular Google Group dedicated to Adobe Illustrator.

I also feel like I need to differentiate myself and my work better, as well as what it is that web designers and web developers do, and that I actually offer both services. Most people think it’s the same which, of course, it isn’t. They’re quite opposite if you think about it.

On top of that, I need to wrap it in my mad marketing skillz. I make these types of sites for others constantly, but am hitting “designer’s block” with my own. It’s the same as having to compose one’s own biography vs. doing it for others. For some reason it’s harder to do myself. I’ll mention that to my web design/development therapist as well. I’m being my own worst client.

So, brace yourself world for serious suspense, as I continue the search for the absolute perfect website design for web design POP. I’m working on it right now, and am hoping to fork it and make a theme to submit to the WordPress theme repository as well. (My obsession with WordPress is another matter.)

How to Toggle Between 2 Sets of Code

The following is a trick you can use to toggle between 2 sets of code, with one symbol in the code. No additional short-keys to learn, and no tool dependencies! Obviously works for C-based languages, JavScript, even CSS, etc…

[javascript]//* /*
someCode(); someCode();
/*/ /*/
someOtherCode(); someOtherCode();
//*/ //*/[/javascript]

Here’s a version for simply commenting code in and out:



Deactivated/Commented Out


resource: alexander brevig